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    First time using verichat..

    I tried many different version uninstalling them each time and I have the same pb everytime.

    The message with sms email pops up. I don't have one so i don't fill in the blank / I click continue / it starts my connection on the net / and then it starts the authentication process / after a while it says It can't connect to the of pdaapp authentication server ..
    And then I can't stay in verichat it goes back to the app window of my palm os.

    I use a treo 600 orange
    Verichat version last tried : the last one on the webpage : 1.90b low res ocourse

    Thank you in advance for you support
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    are you saying you don't have an address for sms messages to be sent to? You _need_ to have one for Verichat to work.
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    I don't have a sms like email.

    I talked to the support of verichat they say it could orange that block the ports of verichat. I'm about to call Orange. For the ports and the email.. this could be the pb.
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    If you dont have and sms email adress you have to enter a regular email adress otherwise they cant send you the auth code.

    Remember that the email adress you enter is the where undeliverered verichat msg will end up so use one you check otherwise you will miss out on loads o msg.

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    I have the same problem and I'm with T-mobile. Maybe because t-moble blocks that port as well? I currently am using t-zones for $2.99 (unlimited data) and it would be nice if I didn't have to upgrade to the $20 internet plan.

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