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    Just a head's up...

    Advanced sorting by: Company, Last Name; Company, First Name; First Name, Last Name; Last Name, First Name; Last Name, Company; First Name, Company.

    SmartContacts™ Version 5 system allows you to find names faster and more accurately with a new search algorithm.

    Support for color schemes and skins allows to you change the look and feel of the interface - instantly!

    New redesigned Memo Editor gives you easy access to the most commonly used functions, including: Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Print, Document Information, Insert Date/Time Stamp.

    Create, store, and print up to 30 extra customizable fields and assign them different storage types: Text, Integer, Boolean (true/false), Percent, Date.

    PalmPrint™ 3 and 4 support.

    Mapopolis support - view maps of addresses stored in your contacts.

    Supports add-on solutions from PDA Performance, such as Contact Maintenance (coming soon)

    Link contacts together with the powerful contact link system and easily Jump To them.

    Icon pack support - assign icons to extra fields, contact history items, and more.

    New code base provides rock-solid stability.

    Store even more data for each contact, including: Birthday, Anniversary, Nickname, Spouse's Name, Department, Office, and IM Address (MSN, AOL "AIM", Yahoo Messenger, ICQ). Reminders can be set for the Birthday and Anniversary fields, and Contacts 5 will automatically remind you about an important birthdate or anniversary.

    Track phone calls, meetings, and more with an extremely flexible and powerful contact history system.

    Dialing support for the latest devices, including all Handspring Treo devices, Kyocera/Qualcomm Smartphones, Samsung Smartphones, or dial using tone-generating software such as ToneDial. Plus, Bluetooth/IR* support via the Palm OS dialer.

    Built-in help guides give you instant access to the most detailed information.

    Improved related phone # pop-up allows you to instantly change the phone number or other data that's displayed on the right column of the List View.

    Complete NavPad support for Palm handhelds, Jog Dial support for Sony Clie handhelds, Kyocera key support, and Handspring Treo 600 NavPad support.

    Store a Family Card in addition to your Business Card.

    Quickly navigate with the letter index.

    Sorting for each category.

    Supports the latest high-resolution handhelds from Palm, Sony, Tapwave, Garmin, and Handspring.

    Requirements: Any color Palm OS 3.5 handheld; Palm OS 4 recommended.

    *At this time, Contacts 5 does not supporting dialing via the Bluetooth Memory Stick module. Contacts 5 is also NOT compatible with CJKOS and other language enhancers.
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    5-way is whacky. Tossed it.
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    Diddo, They did not do a good job with the 5 way... but the colors are Great...
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    5-way definitely needs to be looked at. Deleted it.
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    I totally agree with all of you - I came in late in the beta program (or actually, my Treo 600 came in late... I was already in with my Tungsten W) and pointed out the lack of Treo 600 support, unfortunately it was a bit too late for the otherwise very quick and crafted author of Contacts 5 to implement full dpad support in time for the release, but I'm sure we can expect something soon.
    I'll let you know when I hear something new.


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