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    I've been waiting 4+ days to get provisioned. 4 calls to tech support and on hold now.

    They still have the '48-72 hour wait' recording.

    Just wondering if anybody is getting the job done.

    Sent customer service a request to extend the 14 day trial and other free trial periods to compensate for lack of full service. I suggest that others do similiarly... maybe we'll all get a little extra something for this pain.
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    I was provisioned minutes after activation.
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    I was provisioned less than 30 seconds after, and Vision was immediate.
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    Originally posted by Ksilebo
    I was provisioned less than 30 seconds after, and Vision was immediate.
    Same here. Right in the Best Buy store, before I could put my 300 into the 600 box.
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    most likely your network settings.....just call customer care and ask for a tech and mention you have a t600
    All noobs click here
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    Thanks for responding...

    I got thru, talked to a tech, got put on hold, ended up with another. He wants to "push" me on the system, which was done Tuesday night to no avail. Say's I'm stuck in the backlog due to system upgrade process. Sez it will likely be another 24 hours. I apparently got stuck with a user name that didn't go thru due to upgrades and they have to get that pushed through.

    I did get him to state that he put in the account notes a 5 day extension on trials and freebies... small comfort.

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    Apparently this is NOT the week to join sprint or make changes to your account. A tech support rep told me that sprint is replacing a lot of servers this week, so everthing is bogged down.

    Luckily, all the techs I've talked to have been very nice, and when my vision username request got lost in the 72 hour queue one guy was nice enough to force the provisioning to complete the process.

    I was told that most of the headaches will be solved by next week.
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    I have the same problem. I changed my Vision username on Tuesday via the website. I was expecting my Treo to arrive today (got it yesterday) so the thinking was, do it in advance in case there's trouble... But apparently, I picked the wrong time to do it and since then I've had no Vision (either on my old phone nor my new Treo). Doh.
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    No luck here, first called to activate on Tuesday eve.

    Went to the Sprint store yesterday (partially to pick up a dead-tree rebate form). They tried but couldn't provision either.

    A rep said that the firm that does their "web" provisioning
    went bankrupt last week !
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    "....A rep said that the firm that does their "web" provisioning
    went bankrupt last week ! ... "

    What?? Anybody else hear that one?
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    I called to activate on Tuesday and was ported, provisioned and activated by Thursday morning. No hitches whatsoever.

    In Seattle - port from Cingular to Sprint.

    Have you tried ##3282+Dial to update your Vision Profile?
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    "...Have you tried ##3282+Dial to update your Vision Profile?..."

    what happens if i do that?
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    Found the link in another thread on here...apparently it "updates your vision profile..."
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    uh.. I'll wait... donwanna get thrown to the back of the line. I'll ask about it tomorrow when I call support again if I ain't up.

    thanx tho
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    Nope, I've made about a half dozen phone calls each with different answers. I was on the phone with Sprint "Port In" service and with my current provider and after each was confused on why the service hasn't transfered yet (I think to get me off their backs) "Oh, but this can take up to 5 business days too. Wait and see"

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