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    I really liked the little puzzle game, Puzzles In Motion. However, when I switched over to one of my PDA's (I believe it was the Clie), it wouldn't work, so I quit using it. I tried it on my Treo600, and it worked! However, somewhere I've lost the registration ID, and now I can't find any place to register it, and emails to the author went unanswered. Does anyone know if this program can be re-registered?
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    Sierra bought it and sold it (essentially unchanged, from what I can tell) under the The Incredible Machine name. They made the author stop distributing the original shareware, and stop issuing registrations, I remember reading.
    The new version is on the "Incredible Machine: More Contraptions" PC CD. (Actually the main reason I bought it!)
    I don't know if they sell it independently.
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    Thanks. Actually was excited. I thought "OK, even if I have to buy it again, at least I'll have it". Unfortunatley, no go. They only list it for the Mac and PC. Wonder if anyone might have the guy's current email address.
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    I'm in the same boat. I had it, bought it, loved it. Then I found the color version, used my same registration code, and it worked.

    Now, I can't find the program or reg. code. Bummer. Can you send me a copy of the color version of the program? I'll look harder for my registration code.
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    OK, this post may get "killed", but I hope it's read in the spirit in which it's written. I contacted the company I bought PIM from, and they can't help me, since they're no longer allowed to distribute it. I paid for this program legitmately. I shouldn't have to go without, just because I lost a registration code, and ownership has changed. So, if ANYONE knows a source for a ... version of this program that doesn't need a code... please send me email. I would be grateful.
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    I just had such an urge to play this game. I used to play it on my old Palm as well. Was any1 ever able to locate it?
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