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    I figure this belongs in one of two places, and I chose this fourm rather than accessories b/c it is specifically for the T600. Move it if need be.

    Home Depot for $8.97 comes with AAA flashlight and mini carabeaner attached to it.

    Fits it perfect, I even took off keyguard altogether and have had no issues - at least until I attached my egrips last evening. It still fits fine but is silghtly difficult to remove and replace with the egrips on. The pix were taken with the egrips on the T600.

    It has a metal belt hook, and a nylon belt loop underneath the hook. This design allows some swivelling due when using the belt clip.
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    one side
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    other side
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    I see your egrips pokin' through there...heh heh
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    Looks a lot like the very first Handspring 180 case...

    My only issue is I want a case where I don't have to remove Treo to use it - but good protection for only 9 bucks
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    You are correct, it does have to be removed to be used, but that is what I prefer.

    I do not like anything covering the T600 when I am using it, which was the same for my phones in the past.
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    i just went down to home depot and got one. pretty good deal, except the flashlight doesn't fit in the case with the treo.good find though thanks.
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    You are correct that the flashlight will not fit with the Treo in it, but the fact the case was made for adding that in is what allows the Treo to fit in the "mini-case" so well.

    And you can't even tell it has that space for the flashlight either, which is a bonus.
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    I just removed the WorkForce logo from the cover with an exacto knife to cut and pliers to pull out the thread once I was done cutting.

    I think it makes it look just a little less construction worker (which is really its intended purpose anyway).
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    krock, i dont have egrips yet but i am going to buy some. is it fairly easy to pull out and put back in with the egrips on. i like to be able to pull the phone out of the case fairly quickly with little force.
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    I would not call it fairly easy. The more I do it the more I regret applying the back egrips instead of just the side ones. The egrips are great, but these are the "bumpy" style that people have complained about falling apart, and I think I may see the beginnings of that occurring on my back egrips right now. I will keep you posted.
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    At Circuit City for $14.99, I found a Body Glove Medium size holster that fits the Treo 600 very nicely. Narrow flap extends from back side over top to velcro front closure. Swivel belt clip on back.

    Treo 600 is just slightly wider than front and rear panels of holster, but elastic sides of holster hold it in snugly while still being able to withdraw it quickly. See attached pic of holster.

    If I had another digital camera, I should show Treo 600 actually in the holster, but I blew this month's disposable income on Treo 600 and 512MB SD card. Digital SLR camera next month.

    Originally posted by krock
    other side
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