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    Does anyone know of any UNIX Systems Adminstration apps that will run on the Treo 600?

    Things such as:

    unix commands (HPUX, Sun, AIX)
    sys. admin guide
    networking app
    vi guide
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    Yes...there are some good ones...

    I think there is a vi reference in PDF formats, as well as possibly iSilo a google search...

    There are also SSH and telnet utilities as well as VPN to access the corp network.

    Also, try the free VNC remote control client and the paid TermSvcs client if you ever admin Wintel boxes.

    Sorry for not posting links, but I'm about to go into a meeting...

    if you need them, i'll send some over later
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    i've tried two ssh clients 'TG ssh' and
    the curiously named 'TuSSH'. TuSSH works better but i can't imagine using either on a regular basis. they don't seem to support character-at-a-time I/O and typing "C-C <enter>" gets tedious. there seem to be many FTP clients but i haven't used any extensively. there is an IRC client that works well (upIRC). there is a netnews client (Yanoff) but i haven't found an open NNTP server yet with which to try it. there are a number of ping clients.

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