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    Ok. I am overwhelmed. I want to know if there is a book, threads, or site that tells me the best software and use of my treo 600. Best video player, sd card, mp3 player, photo viewer, headset, etc. for a MAC OSX user. Thanks for the guidelines!
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    Hello Lee,

    I understand your feeling, but you are in the best place. I have found all of my answers here from the threads as well as nice folks I talk to who have offered invaluable information and help.

    There's not a book to my knowledge but there are several threads here to answer your question. If you do a search you will feast on lots of helpful and informative stuff for the Treo!

    Here is a good thread to start:

    here are a couple of places I go for software:

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    Thanks. I have an idea though. The Treo is about saving time and energy. What I wish for is a MENTOR, someone several months ahead of me who is similar in what they want to do, runs Mac OSX, and is willing to give me explicit instructions and ideas on gettting my Treo into action via email, chat or this forum. IS this you? Or anyone out there. I beleive a program like this would be great for new treo uses who don't have the time to find everything on their own. Thanks LEE
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    sorry it's not that easy. it's going to take a little work, frustration, and trial and error on your part.

    use the search to guide you. if you want information on chat programs, then type in 'chat' in search, read and determine for yourself what seems to fit your needs. There isn't always a 'best' software out there because different people use if for different reasons.

    we were all 'newbies' at one time and if you don't learn for yourself, you'll always be one.

    good luck.

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