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    Can anyone help me withe the following problem:

    When I store about 5000 adresses with telephone numbers there is a problem taking a call. That means when the phone rings and the incomming number is in the adress book I can't take the call, it rings and rings and I can press and touch anywhere but I can't take the call.
    So I thought the phone is dead but I tried before sending it to the repair with a hardreset and only 2.500 adresses and was happy that it works but with 5.000 adresses I have no chance that it works.

    So my question: Knows anybody the number of adresses I can store so that the phone don't hang up and I can take the calls.
    Or can anyone solve my problem and give me a tip how I can work with 5.000 adresses and numbers?

    Sorry for my bad english!

    Greetings Geri
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    It varies.

    For me it's 4900. For other people 2000.

    Use Beyond Contacts, Key Suite, Key Contacts or a spreadsheet to store the other contacts.
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    Hello cyril!

    Thank you for your help, I think you saved much time for me!

    I will try it asap!



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