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    Which brand is better for the Treo600?

    Seems like everyone is having problems with the Sandisk ones. Then there's this current news article about Sandisk's delay on Wi-Fi SD cards because of some driver problem that can damage the Treo600. Now, I wonder, is that what the Sandisk sd cards are doing? is that why everyone is having problems with them?

    Should I go with Lexar?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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    everyone has problems with sandisk cards?

    this group is in the minority.
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    i thought there was a lot.
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    My sandisk 256 works great on my 600...
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    Originally posted by grawk
    My sandisk 256 works great on my 600...
    Same here. I have the "Ultra II" version, for what it's worth.
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    I picked up a Panasonic 256K 10X Hi-Speed SD card last week. Works 100%, as far as I can tell. I've been using it to store backups and mp3s.

    It cost me $90 in one of those "tourist trap electronic stores" in times square in NYC.

    I was able to grind down (and then polish) the extra plastic on the top edge of the card with a Dremel tool, so it fits into the T600 like the dummy card. (It doesn't stick out a mil or two anymore, and doesn't pop out by accident).

    Bill S
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    My input :

    Had a Sandisk 256mb, worked fine, never gave problems BUT VFSmark routinely gave varying results from 185 to 231 for no apparent reason.

    Now using a Pana 256mb 10x speed. Surprisingly and unfortunately, speeds were NOT significantly better. Worked perfectly, BUT VFSmark results were always very consistent 219-222 (no matter whether it was full or freshly reformatted) which gives credence to the possibility that the PANA is more rock solid than the sandisk.

    On the side... sigh.. I tried the SAME PANA 256mb card with my bro's Tungsten 3 and it returned a 630+ result!!!! the I/O on the this treo is unfortunately not quite up to the mark. The card wants to go faster but the Treo just can't keep up

    What do u all think?
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    i got the sears online special $99 sandisk 512 sale they had a few weeks ago. i've had no problems & i filed it down.
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    My plain Sandisk 256mb card ($55 at Costco last week, wish I had kept the packaging so I could return it) can't seem to keep up with mp3 playback using pockettunes. I get skips and slowed down playback intermittently. I will consider buying the UltraII vs. changing to Panasonic.
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    My Sandisk Ultra II 256 works flawlessly. I don't know its VFSmark rating, but I know it works well in my Treo!
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    I've tried the SanDisk Ultradisk II, two different cards, and both cards disappeared on me (can't access or format on computer or Treo). According to, this card is giving MANY CUSTOMERS PROBLEMS. I'm trying to return to J & R, and try the PNY cards. Hopefully, they work.
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    I had a SanDisk card, and the Treo kept dismounting it. By that I mean that I'd go to access it and the Treo acted like there was no card installed. I assumed this was a Treo bug until I put in a PNY 256MB card. I haven't noticed this problem since.
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    I am using a SimpleTech ProX card, it is suppose to be as fast as the SanDisk Ultra and have better reviews. So far I didn't have any problem with it.
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    I've used Kingston memory in some of my computers and have been very pleased with their performance. Kingston is supposedly very good. Has anyone tried a Kingston SD card and compared it to the other brands?

    I'm thinking about trying out Kingston or Edge. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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    I use a 128mb Kingston SD (manufactured by Toshiba). Compared to my 64mb Simpletech (Panasonic), the Kingston seems slightly slower when transferring data to it using a card reader. Otherwise, it works flawlessly in my treo.

    P.S. often has good deals on Kingstons (after rebate).

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