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    like to hear from actual users.
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    Working fine on my end in Central NJ. No problems at all.
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    Works fine on my end in Florida. They say the only problem might be the surfing the net. But I have'nt run into it yet.
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    So far so good... Web is much faster than the 270, and it connects in half the time.

    There was a rumor on these boards that the Cingular version was "optimized" for use on their network, and may result in reduced data speed with another service provider. Well.. I don't see it. Perhaps the T-Mobile optimization will be even faster? I'm happy with the speed as it is, and I didn't have to wait for T-mob.

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    So far so good in California.
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    Happy in Colorful Colorado
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    Works pretty well in the Seattle area. Occasionally I can't get a GPRS connection, but I usually can and at speeds consistent with what I've seen from others on this site for GSM Treo 600s.
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    Perfect. No problems.
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    Working in NYC now, after many problems. In the end I had to switch from the $4.99/month T-Zones program to the $19.99/month "Unlimited Internet" program to get mail, web and chatter to work.

    I had been using T-Zones and it worked occasionally, but eventually it stopped working. I called TMO and was eventually referred to a Tier 2 tech (I think that's what they are called) who told me that I needed the "Unlimted Internet" package. The tech said he was aware that some people were getting some success with the T-Zones package, but that they were in the process of locking that out and that it would not continue to work. Now that I have upgraded, my unlocked Cing. Treo 600 works like a charm on TMO's voice and GPRS networks for all services.

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    I just last night changed from an "Internet" package that I've had since my 270 to the unlimited T-Zones, at the recommendation of a Tier 2 tech! Currently I'm only browsing and doing POP3 email, but so far everything is working great on my Cingular 600 on TMo.

    I'm guessing that if I want to do anything more than browsing and POP3 that I'll probably have to switch back to an "Internet" package from TMo...
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    Works very well for me here in NYC. I'm on the unlimited $19.99 plan and use Web Pro which I love. Renders pages pretty quickly and with show pictures disabled, this baby flies!
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    Originally posted by emajy
    Working fine on my end in Central NJ. No problems at all.

    GPRS working ok for you too?

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