I've played GTS Racing recently for the Treo and realised (or rather assumed) the game uses paralax processing of sprites to create the rather stunning 3D effects.... now here's my question...

If this is possible on the Treo with the high frame rate in GTS, what would be the problem in porting a game like Wolfenstein 3D or even Doom to the ARM-based palms?

I understand there is the Diety3D engine, however I found that it doesn't work terribly well on the treo's (runs fine, only quarter of the screen is visible though), and look forward to forthcomming releases but....

I found some threads on this in the forum (oooold ones), regarding Wildpalms release of Doom for the Symbian Nokia 7650, it was stated that the Symbian phones have an impressive processor etc etc. However, this is no excuse, If a PalmOS5 handheld is capable of rendering GTS, a game such as Wolfenstein or Doom should be a synch (especially considering the source is widely available throughout the net).

And considering how old the PalmOS is, I would've expected some kind of grassroots programming having started on this, however, as I now notice, the GPL community isn't very hot for the Palm... why, why..... WHY?

Thus I ask what exactly is it that is causing the porting problem, WindowsCE devices have no problem, so what is it with Palm?



P.S. I am very very happy with my Treo 600..... best buy ever..... now if I can just find the expansion slot to plug in my house...