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    Hey guyz thank you for starting up this forum for us newbies.
    My ? is I've downloaded my mp3 to my sd card how do I access them on mmplayer or ptunes, the card comes up blank in my treo.

    thanks in advance
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    how did you download them?
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    They were on my hdd and I just transferred them to my SD card, Is there a step by step tutorial I can read?

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    There's a program called Filez which is free it allows you to view and edit your files on your palm internal card an your SD memory card
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    3rd party launchers like ZLauncher can also see and edit mp3 filenames. The native launcher, however, can't see the mp3s even though they're there. Does Pocket Tunes not see them either?
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    Hey Thanks for all the help, but etunes dosn't see the mp3s either.
    there must be a way that everybody has done it, wether reading tuts or someone showing them, all the help is very apreciated but no one is telling me how to use any of the programs.

    Thanks again 4 all the help.
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    Hey fellas I finally got the mp3s to play, just wanted to say thanks again for the info. This treo is a real head turner.
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