1. A hack/extention to auto answer and auto speaker phone when in the CAR. Also Auto speaker phone on outgoing calls.

Dont really expect it to detect when it is in the car - plugged into car charger - I dont want auto answer /speakerphone when plugged into wall charger at home! - would settle for a program you could run to put it into "CAR" mode and another to put it into normal mode.

That utilility when used with a car mount would avoid the need for a physical car kit for safe/legal phone usage while driving.

Would be great if speaker phone could be activated for a call (when in CAR MODE) EVEN if a headset plug -(for MP3 to Cassette addaptor ) is present because one is not always driving around tuned only to the right station.
At least then you only have to turn your car stereo off (1 big button usually) rather than fidling around to find the right station to tune your radio to/ insert cassete addaptor etc)

2. (not realy a treo utility)
A stereo mp3 file that clearly says "Left" out of left chanel and "right" out of right chanel so we can test stereo adapters easily.

Im sure the above utilities will apear over time....but I want it NOW