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    Hey folks,

    When I am driving and want to skip to the next mp3, or when My Preciousss is in its cradle, I would like to disable the keylock mechanism for convenience.

    I used an app called OnCradle to keep my old 300 backlight on, but this requirement is slightly different.

    The "sluggish" behavior of Pockettunes to wake up makes it a little tricky to hit power button, wait for t600 to wake up and then hit center button to unlock.

    Any ideas?

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    You can manually turn off the "Key Guard" at any time by going to PREFS/KeyGuard/Auto-Keyguard and set it to "Disabled"

    Then later when you are concerned about having the Treo turn on when you don't plan (like when putting it in your pocket), you can always re-enable it.
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