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    Do all polyphonic ringtones just sond like midi?

    All the tones on my treo 300 juts sound like midi crap.

    I'd love to have clip from fav movie dialog or song as my ring.
    How about favorite simpsons quote!

    This isn't possible right? That would be too cool right?

    Xingtone is not gunna make anything that tre 300 can actually use can it?

    Thanks for any help or advice
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    this has been discussed here for a while and the general consensus is that it's not possible on the 300, only midi
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    Gotcha. Just making sure.

    Thanks for the quick response.
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    What you want is for the Treo to use MP3 or WAV files as ringtones. The Treo currently doesn't do this with the built-in software. The Treo 600 can play MP3s, but the current phone software doesn't support them as ringtones.

    By the way, the term "polyphonic" refers to MIDI files that use more than one tone at a time. So, of course, all polyphonic ringtones will sound like MIDI.

    MP3 and WAV files are digital recordings of real-world sounds. The analog sound waves are sampled at a high frequency rate (typically 144 samples per second) and the data collected is stored as a complete recording of the song, voice, etc. WAVs have no compression and simply record the sound at the sampled rate (the more samples per second, the better the quality--and the larger the file size). MP3s compress the data, but operate on the same priciple.

    MIDI is done with digital samples of musical instruments. Sometimes the "instrument" is a short digital recording of someone's voice. But in any case, MIDI ringtones are played by an engine that simply takes the recorded samples and alters the frequency to produce the various musical notes you hear. Each instrument represents one channel or sound. When multiple channels are played at once, that is called "polyphonic". Polyphonic MIDI is capable of playing musical chords (since more than one sound is played at a time). That's why they sound better than non-polyphonic ringtones, which simply play beeps (single tones or tones that cycle back and forth quickly to simulate a chord).

    Bottom line: The native Treo software doesn't play MP3 or WAV files as ringtones. The Treo 600 is certainly capable of playing MP3s, but Handspring didn't implement it in their software. I'm sure a 3rd party developer will fix it, eventually. The Treo 300 can't do it at all.
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    OK, Thanks for the info. That settles that for the Treo. Are there any phones out that people know of that support a format that is close to the quality of Wav files?

    I sure someone besides me would like this feature.

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