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    my trial period for verichat just ended and I just got chatter. Chatter is pretty neat, but it is not very aim friendly. I hate that I cannot import a buddy list for aim but for msn. IMAP is worth the 20 bucks....this is how email is supposed to be. I get an email on the server and I get an alert the second it shows up.....and its on my phone. That is cool. Verichat is way to expensive.....but it is very sleek in the way you can handle messages when the phone is off and while in the program itself. Verichat is pretty much for AIM cuz the other networks dont work to great on it, well ICQ anyway. Reading ims in chatter is annoying....very annoying.

    I would pay about 30 dollars for a program that handled AIM like verichat, other networks like chatter, and IMAP like chatter.....a one time fee mind you. What the hell is PDAapps thinking with the price of verichat. So this is my review for those who havent just downloaded one or the other or cant decide for themselves that they both kinda suck....overall I like chatter for the price, imap, and I suppose I can get over aim being completely worthless since I have to hand type each buddy for my list and reciving IM text doesnt show up when I recieve, only the senders name (thats what makes it annoying, cuz you have to go into a 'message view')

    Mark and PDAapps need to combine the best of both and then I will pay. Thoughts anyone?
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    All I'd say is that entering buddies is mainly a one-time task. If you bite the bullet on it (and remember, you can create contacts on the fly when you receive an IM), you're over the hump. (BTW, I don't rule out automatic import on AIM, but it won't be in the near future)

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    is there a fix for the way you recieve an im? I hate that I see the screen name and then I have to select that and then scroll to view hit that and see what they said in a separate view that I later have to exit out of in order to reply....this is really not functional. Is there anyway to just see what they said right under the time stamp and their screen name?
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    Hmm, that doesn't sound like Chatter to me! The whole IM should be right below the screen name, and you should be able to reply from the same screen (at the bottom, in the Quick Reply area). What's more, if it's an IM from a contact, you can even get rid of the message separators.

    Sounds like you're missing something. You can email me at if you want, or post more about what you're seeing. But there's NEVER a need to go to another screen when using IM.


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