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    Personal Technology - Walt Mossberg

    Walt Mossberg reviews the Motorola MPx200, offered by AT&T Wireless, and the Samsung i600, offered by Verizon Wireless. Instead of a favorable review of either, it turns into a comparision of them against the Treo 600.

    They're really not even in the Treo's category. They're smart phones for people still interested primarily in making voice calls, but want a few extras. These extras include the ability to synchronize easily with PC-based calendars and address books, and to do light e-mail and a little Web browsing. The phones can also play music, and both accept expansion cards.
    Read the review and share your thoughts.
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    GO WALT!!!!!

    The Treo 600 just ROCKS!

    It may still need Hi Res but I could keep this phone for 2 years and be happy with the technology for its time.

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    Yea, it rocks, but i was bummed out to hear it will not support Wi-Fi. Sure this is BT, but it was originaly ment to be a infared type replacement, at least the way I understand it. It has a short range, it's slower then Wi-fi too.

    I would have looved to be able to network to my home PC with the existing Wi-Fi transmiter I have know, verse have to do domething differnet.

    i would also love to be at work and access the LAN with my Treo too (w/o a VPN).

    Oh well....So the Treo has but one falt.. LOL

    Yea, this thing does rock.

    just my 2-cents, Matt Burkhard
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    Originally posted by Burkhardi
    Yea, it rocks, but i was bummed out to hear it will not support Wi-Fi.
    Don't give up on Wifi YET. Someone posted a news article in that Wifi thread wihich indicated Broadcom is planning to ship a new wifi "OneChip" by the end of this year. This new chip reduces power requirements by 85%, and will most likely see its way into SD cards.

    Sounds very promising to me. I'd place a strong bet we'll see something available for the treo.

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    Thanks for the info Pete! I would even be happy with a battery sled that has support for wi-Fi.
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    Is the low res screen on the Treo to save battery consumption?
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    Yes, and to lower the cost.

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