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    I just got a t600 from amzaon and rejoined sprintpcs. sprint's rebate requires new line of activation. i am using a new phone and a new phone number but the same old account--- is this considered a new line of activation?

    Am i going to get my rebate? Please comment, give suggestion or talk about past experiences.

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    My experience with SprintPCS has been that they look at a new phone # as the end-all. In other words, no new phone # - no rebate. If you have a new phone #, then you must have a new contract, thus it must be a new activation. Therefore, rebate.

    I would guess that if your account number hasn't changed, you could get tripped up. Why didn't you just cancel the old account and activate a new one? Still under old contract?
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    I terminateed sprint service back in January and have called a few times to get rid of old account but to no avail. Had no intention of going back to sprint until I saw the Amazon rebates. anyway, they pulled my account out using my social security #, I guess i can't really change that.

    has anybody manage to get a completely differnt sprint account using the same billing address or at least get a new account when switching back?
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    Just FYI, I added a new line of service to my existing account. I asked about the rebate and was told I would qualify. Another benefit of activating your new phone before cancelling your old line is that Sprint will waive the activation fee ($36 I think). Once you've activated the new line, just cancel the old one. I haven't cancelled the old line yet, but if I run into any trouble I'll let you all know.
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    thanks palmnerd. unfortunately i had to pay for the activation fee but hopefully this will help others

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