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    Will Sprint be having an update for Business Connection anytime in the near future? There are a few issues I would like addressed if they do. I tried emailing Sprint Customer Support and you know that didnt work. I only got the run around. These are some issues I would like to see fixed.

    1. Email links converted into hyperlinks for easy clicking (As of now you have to click reply, copy, and paste a link just to use it.

    2. Better push and notification. (I can go 30 minutes or more at times and still not get new email pushed, not to mention the fact that it doesnt notify you at all when outside of the BC application.

    3. Ability to view HTML email.

    If anybody has any answers or suggestions to this please let me know. Thanks.
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    Those are good ones. I would add better attachment support. Is there any way to get BC to work with any of the Office viewers?
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    When you download the attachment view for BC from the Sprint site you can then view documents. I've only tried to view TXT and WORD so far but they both worked fine. I'm not sure of all the types it supports.
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    I sent this to some folks I know who run BC - I was a longtime user of TreoMail, and was initially kinda unhappy with how Visto changed things in the new version, and sent this to some people who can maybe impact BC, with the goal of getting the UI better.

    It presents the positives of both, rather than bashing one:

    Positives of Visto (in no certain order)

    - Desktop filters. This is HUGE. You guys <really> need this. Limits the junk mail that gets sent over. I can't believe you don't have it.

    - On the handheld with Visto, the 'reply' and 'forwarded' arrows show on the message list view, for each message. A nicety, but not crucial. Would be good to have though. Makes the handheld view just like the desktop view.

    - Phone #s and HTML actively linked in the message text. This is HUGE also. Many times using TreoMail (and Visto), I clicked on a phone # or web link and got where I wanted to go. This should be table stakes for a converged device.

    - E-mail signature. This is somewhat huge. One of the reasons I didn't want to use BC was that it had the cheesy Sprint PCS signature (I understand why they made you guys do that), but with your own product, you NEED to allow a signature. Esp if mobile workers want their messages to have the same overall appearance as from the desktop.

    - Push that works. It worked just about ALL the time. 'Nuff said there. BC works sometimes, just enough to make me think it's going to work all the time, and fails me.

    - Sync log. Both TM and Visto have this - lets you know the details of each sync - # of msg's rec'd/sent, etc. I've found the quasi-hidden log in BC, but it gives no usable data -just the time of the last sync.

    - Ability to accept/decline/etc meeting requests. This also is HUGE. Just like with Good or RIM - a critical feature. With Visto, accepting a meeting also puts in on your handheld calendar. Again - this should be a basic item if you guys want to compete with Good and RIM.

    (one of the major negatives of Visto, though is that their SMS trigger often crashed my 600 - so it's not all wine and roses).
    Positives of BC (again in no order)

    - File access to attach files to outbound messages. This is HUGE. One of the main reasons I'll probably stick with BC.

    - Ability to view more attachments than simply Word. Another HUGE deal.

    - One button reply. very nice from a UI standpoint. Was used to that with TreoMail, and was disappointed when Visto didn't have it.

    - One button sync. Not life and death, but TreoMail had it, and I got used to it. Visto doesn't have it.

    - Call sender button. <Sort> of makes up for no phone #s being active in the text of a message. Not really, but sort of.

    - Can delete message from main message list view. Again - TM had it, Visto doesn't.

    - Message alert sound is strong (the one time I've had it play to me, out of the 100 or so e-mails that have hit my Outlook inbox).

    - Can have both push (if/when it works) and scheduled sync - this way, the handheld is kept up to date on its own. Visto made one choose btw manual/sched/SMS trigger.

    - Background sync. But this is a double edged sword - I've found that messages will arrive into the handheld client, and I don't know it. TreoMail did it best - they had background sync, and an alert window popped up, letting you know you had a new message(s) and would you like to view it now? That was a very good implementation, esp since other Alert Manager software apps could be set to nag you if you didn't respond. I never missed a message with TM. I've missed many with BC.

    - After delete, return to list view. Again, that's how TreoMail worked, and not so with Visto - deleting a msg in Visto auto-opens the next message. Clunky.

    So that's it.

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