I use a Treo 600 and Mac OS X 10.3. I recently did a hard reset of the Treo (my fault, not the Treo's), erasing all the data on it. When I synced with my laptop to restore the data, Hotsync tried to install all the files and programs I had ever installed on the Treo, even those I had deleted.

According to the Treo handbook, deleted files should be removed from the Backup folder and placed in an Archive folder; I remember this being done on my old Palm III and PC. While I have a backup folder in my laptop, it includes all the old files; they weren't removed when I delete them on the Treo. However, while there is a User Data Archive on my laptop, there is no Archive folder. I've tried the Hotsynce Help, but couldn't find anything on the problem.

Is there any way I can automatically archive deleted files? Or is this a PC-only feature?

Thanks in advance.