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    I can make outgoing calls and access Vision. 2/3 of the way there!

    After the stories on here, I really, really didn't think it was going to go through.

    I still have the struggle of Sprint "renewing" an old, dead contract from years ago instead of basing it on a completely from-scratch account - worried about the Amazon rebate going through.

    But still, I managed a number port with an out of state billing address; didn't think that was going to be possible.

    Call it progress.
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    It worked fine for me, just make sure you hound them and verify they have the correct information on both ends.
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    Just completed my port from ATT to Sprint. Took 36 hours but it finally worked!
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    Everything works. Amazing. I've had a busy day so haven't had time to set everything up yet. This should be interesting.
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    Ported a number from Cingular.

    Everything happened exactly as the Sprint CSRs said it would; much to my surprise.

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