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    I am interested in the Treo 600, but I have concerns about the non-removable battery. I need to keep my cell phone on 24/7. Does anyone know appox. how many recharges will the battery take before it has to be replaced? Thanks.
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    Easy, Easy, the battery can not be swapped in and out. But it can be replaced when bad. It was this way with the Treo 300, where it is nominally not swappable----meaning keep one on charge and swap it each day. But it can be replaced-----like in simple repair. I used to have the ordering part number for the treo 300. Does anyone remember where this was?
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    Laptops for less sells the batterys for 270's and 300's (at least)
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    Originally posted by Draugen;)
    Smilies right after a URL = BAD!
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    Kevin from palmOne here. Battery life is really going to depend on how much you use your Treo. Wireless activity, as well as some applications can drain the battery faster. You’ll just want to remember to charge your device on a regular basis. If the battery absolutely fails within the first year, it can be replaced under the warranty, by the factory.
    But, take a look at these palmOne/Handspring support pages for more details regarding batteries:

    Specific to the Treo:

    General Battery info:

    Note the two links there, Our guide to normal battery life and How to maximize battery life, for more useful info.


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    Originally posted by Kevin Michaels

    Kevin from palmOne here...
    If the battery absolutely fails within the first year, it can be replaced under the warranty, by the factory.
    Kevin from Palmone, that's BS! How about those of us who have Sprint phones that don't pay the "...extra $4 per month so we can pay an additional $35 to get our phone replaced even though we have a 1 year warranty to begin with..." fee?
    I bought a T300 from sprint 10/02 when they were released. I eventually had some problems with it, and after spending many hours dealing with Sprint, I was more than happy to get a T600 using the $399 upgrade plan DIRECTLY from Handspring.

    Well, the phone died on 11/26, and Handspring won't do ANYTHING. I was directed to Sprint, who has had me running in circles for over 2 weeks. Who in the h*ll is going to replace my phone?

    At this point, I have no confidence that if someone had battery problems they could ever get it taken care of under warranty.

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