Does anyone know if the exposure control on the Treo 600 is some kind of software feedback loop with the CMOS camera by the Pictures app, or if is implemented in hardware?

Watching how it tries to auto-range, the blue-dot problem seems to be some kind of a wrap on the luma values, scenes with too much dynamic range will exhibit blue pixels even if there is a sufficiently dark area in the image. Its like the chroma values go to a nominal blue, but the luma values either are getting gained up or wrapping around.

So, is it the Pictures app doing the auto-exposure calcs from raw data from the sensor, or is the app abstracted away from the hardware? If its the former, then perhaps there is hope for either a new app or a ROM upate fix. Just curious....

I'm in the video capture semiconductor group here at Conexant, so I'm interested in such things. :-)


Michael Eskin
Conexant Systems