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    Hi all,
    a friend of mine in Rome is a beta-tester in Italy and he is testing a new firmware 2.08 and ROM 919. Tests are very good and those problems that were affecting Treos in Italy looks are gone away.
    Many application are updated to newests versions.
    He told me that it will be available very soon.
    I'll keep you posted on this.
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    Good news. Can you say what some of the changes are? Thanks
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    Overall stability, much clearer audio, some apps like SMS and MMS have newer versions but not really visible changes.

    For us in Italy the major difference is that all the problems we had in our networks looks solved (we had freezes, call dropping, sudden restarts ecc).
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    Have a look at this thread. Scroll down to the bottom, most of it is in english.

    Looks to me like HS Italia has some serious problems...
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    Those are the problems that the Treo 600 had in Italian networks, honestly i don't understand why the Treo 600 gsm should have problems only in Italy, maybe our networks are too old (or too new), ARGH!

    Anyway i was one of those users having serious problems with the Treo600, but now with this new software all problems "looks" really gone away.
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    This about the US, and honestly I have not be paying attention lately (I'm a satisfied CDMA user), but this is what T-Mobile told my company yesterday:

    Hi Treo fans,

    Just want to provide you all with an update.

    T-Mobile has tested the Treo 600 and found the current software version to be buggy (causing lock-ups and other problems). As such we have asked PalmOne to update the software, then resubmit for testing. This has resulted in a delay. We hope to have the Treo 600 this month, but it is possible that it will be pushed to January.

    While we would completely understand if you were to purchase one from another carrier, we would appreciate if you'd wait for T-Mobile's version. Here are a few reasons why you might wait:

    * T-Mobile's Treo will have the latest updated software that addresses the bugs.
    * T-Mobile's Treo will work on the largest GSM/GPRS network in the country
    * Unlimited data service is only $19.99/month, when added to voice service
    * T-Mobile's international roaming rates are the most competitive, starting at 99 cents per minute
    * The GSM/GPRS version of the Treo 600 offers 50% more battery life than the CDMA version

    I will keep you posted on further developments. Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,

    National Account Manager
    (XXX) XXX-XXX mobile phone
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    I contacted T-mobile cust. support last night. They told me that the Treo 600 is avail. @ tmobile stores, which I doubt. She, a manager in retention services, said that I couldn't get the handset thru the Upgrage dept, only the Treo 260.
    I might wait a bit or buy one thru ATT thru work. I want WI-FI though!
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    That's a bold lie you were told. The Treo 600 is NOT available in the T-Mobile stores and won't be for some time. I've never heard this come out of a T-Mobile rep's mouth. I hear the opposite..."we don't know when it will be available". To add to it, I was told the same thing that MHR reported...there exists an incompatability with the Treo 600 and it's handshaking software and T-Mobile's service. I happen to know how true this is...I couldn't wait for T-Mobile to get it together so I purchased a Cingular Treo 600 to use with my T-Mobile service. Let me tell you it's hit or miss for me...I've been working with the T-Mobile reps for a week now. The biggest issue is GPRS performance or lack thereof. When I log in, my connection lasts for 30 seconds tops then drops. The current Cingular GSM Treo 600 and T-Mobile service do not like each other.

    If anyone is using one with T-Mobile successfully drop me a line and let my know your connection settings. Thanx.
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    Could you plz post your tmo stories in another thread? There are already about 573 threads with tmo as main topic so it should be easy to find one.

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    Originally posted by Mol
    Could you plz post your tmo stories in another thread? There are already about 573 threads with tmo as main topic so it should be easy to find one.

    But this one is sooo international!!
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    Originally posted by brownievegas

    But this one is sooo international!!
    I guess you're right. Especially since T-Mobile IS a German company.

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