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    This story on The Register talks about how SyChip the supplier for SanDisk is encountering problems developing drivers due to "hardware diversity."

    The Treo 600 is mentioned specifically for another issue:

    The Palm OS 5 drivers, meanwhile, have reached Beta release. But again, hardware is proving a limiting factor: there's an issue with the electrical design of some Palm Powered devices such as the Treo 600, the company alleged.
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    Glad I read through the new posts first... I was about to post a link to the same article.

    <Seinfeld> Well... looks like "NO WIFI FOR YOU!!" </Seinfeld>
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    Very interesting. Still rather have Bluetooth though...
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    I think using wi-fi on the Treo would be such a battery drain (I don't know how it compares to using Vision PCS), it would require more frequent charging and eliminate the benefit of this Treo more powerful battery.

    Plus, you can't really benefit from all the bandwidth offered by wi-fi using the Blazer browser.
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    Another link to the same story on Brighthand:

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