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    just curious ,is it possible to tune AM/FM radio with treo 600 considering it does lots of jobs already ?

    any 3rd party software,memory slot help!!!

    i really wish to see that and it has a good speaker.
    any thoughts.
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    I saw in the latest mobileplanet catalog a "iBiz Secure Digital FM PocketRadio" device that plugs into the memory port. It says "Listen to the radio on your Palm handheld device. It is product # MP250270 and is $49.95. I would love to know if it really works.
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    Do a search for SD radio, there are many threads regarding this. Basically the SD slot is too close to the antenna so you would have to use an extender in order to use this radio.
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    Also, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $that$ $SD$ $Fm$ $radio$ $does$ $only$ $FM$ $and$ $not$ $AM$!? $Anyway$, $another$ $option$ $is$ $to$ $find$ $the$ $shoutcast$ $streams$ $of$ $the$ $stations$ $your$ $looking$ $for$ $and$ $just$ $listen$ $to$ $them$ $via$ $Ptunes$...
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    im not sure about using the SD radio card. 1, you have to plug your headphone into the radio SD card itself i believe. 2, i was thinkin about getting something like the coby's build-in-radio headset to use. but like with just about any other headset, you can hear th eperson fine, but i think only the mic on the phone works, not the headset. i'm not sure, but i might go test it out this weekend. and its only like under $20 i think. ANDDDDDD you can probably use it for anyphone with the same size jack. than still researching it.
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    I contacted the manufacturer and asked if there will be a version available for the Treo 600. This was the response I received:

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding the SD pocket RADIO. Unfortunately the SD radio will not work with the Treo 600 at this time. The first issue we ran across was that the form factor of the phone would not allow the radio to slide efficiently into the SD slot (the antenna was in the way). This is something we will take into consideration as we develop our new model.
    I have added your e-mail to our distribution list to let you know when this new model will be available. Thank you again for your e-mail. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide for you at this time.

    Kind Regards,

    iBIZ Technology Corp
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    I doubt you'll ever hear back from the manufacturer. I've been in consumer electronics marketing for enough years to know that it won't take this company long to realize that the market is too small. Very few people are foolish enough to spend $30+ for an SD radio when there is no clear advantage over a small Sony, Panasonic, et al handheld stereo.

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    I wonder than, what's the deal with this one?

    The form factor appears fine....
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    Originally posted by SprintTreoUser
    I wonder than, what's the deal with this one?

    The form factor appears fine....

    That one looks way different than the one marketed on thier site. (here)
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    if anyone out there in "manufacturing-land" is listening, a perfect SD Radio would include both AM & FM. We need AM to listen to baseball games and talk shows and football games etc.! FM is good but both frequencies would be outstanding!
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    Originally posted by Burrzoo
    if anyone out there in "manufacturing-land" is listening, a perfect SD Radio would include both AM & FM.
    I'd also like it to include at least a bit of RAM so I could store a few programs and do a backup to it as well.

    How's that for dreaming....


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    I bought the little coby radio in an airport and found it works fine on my cdma 600. However it is a little cheap in construction and performance compared to the 600.

    I have been using pTunes and shoutcast stations more regularly.

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