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    What are the best websites for downloading applications and MP3s directly to T600?

    If the place you recommend requires you to unzip the file on the T600 before running, what third party app is installed that let's you do this? I have "receiveit" and "flyzip" installed. After considerable number of tries, I have realized that the receiveit/flyzip combo simply cannot handle zipped downloads directly to the pda.

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    If you have ptunes, just install the mp3 files in a regular way in your SD.
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    flyzip is a joke. It is not compatible with winzip at all.

    If you want a good zip app try LightNzip. It handles winzips and it can install your apps directly to the Palm. Optimzed for ARM.

    Also you might throw receiveIt away. 8 default extensions. what the heck? try Media Manager instead. Set default hotsync paths, default beam paths and set default apps all in one single app.

    check them out at
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    Thanks for the information. It's very helpful.

    Is there anyone that can e-mail me an already unzipped palm application for HandZip or Media Director? I'm traveling overseas with out the ability to hotsync, and I'd love to demo the software.

    My address is

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