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    i have to hand it to samsung. the i600 is quite a solid, attractive smartphone. i love the specs:

    yes, i know, i am spec-happy....

    1) 200mhz intel processor
    2) 32mb
    3) mp3
    4) sdio slot
    5) excellent resolution and color depth - i believe 65,ooo
    6)good battery life

    i really like its form factor.

    BUT, no keyboard and so the treo is still the winner!

    have to say tho, if i were to rank the current smartphones out there, id say

    1) treo 600
    2) samsung i600
    3) sony ericsson p900
    4) motorola x200 microsoft smartphone
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    "Windows Smartphone is Neither"

    This author would put the Samsung just a tad lower on the list

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