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    The HS website says that the following is included w/ a new t600:

    Desktop synchronization:
    - Palm™ Desktop 4.1 for Windows and Macintosh
    - HotSync® Manager
    - Link to Microsoft Outlook (Windows

    what is "link to Microsoft Outlook" ?

    i have searched the threads here extensively, but am still quite confused about syncing w/ outlook.

    i want to do the following as easy as possible:

    sync calendar (both ways)
    sync contacts (i do not have any custom fields)
    sync inbox (so that emails that have been read on t600 will show up as read in outlook inbox & so that emails sent on t600 will be copied to outlook outbox)

    would i need pocketmirror or would the included "link" work for me?

    i understand that pgms like beyond contacts create their own contact lists and therefore do not work w/ native phone functions. i don't think i want that.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. i am sure this has been discussed at length, but i was unable to find any decent threads. feel free to direct me to old posts.

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    The "link to Outlook" means that it will sync contacts and calendar (and notes) between Treo and your Outlook.

    It won't synch the email. There are some mail apps for the Treo that will synch email but only in a poor way. There are tons of threads about accessing and synchronizing Outlook mail. Search on Outlook and mail and you should find plenty of details.

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