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    Would someone be kind enough to help me create one ringtone which I can then just install into my ringtone database?

    I would like to have the built-in 'Alarm' tone (that's the name of the tone) repeat 3 times to use as my sms tone.

    The Treo 600 has the option to repeat the tone only for Calendar alarms and not for sms/mms.

    Many many thanks. As with some other thread in this forum, fulfilling this request of mine will also earn you increadible karma points!

    Seriously though, any help would be much much appreciated.

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    Looked like an interesting thing to try, so I think I have one for you.

    You should be able to download it directly via your Treo web browser from my website (temporarily there):
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    Thanks a lot Shaber! The tone sounds great.

    Maybe I should have thought of asking this earlier, but could you pleeeeeease do one to repeat 2 times instead of 3?

    I would be most indebted to you.

    & I promise I will not make any more requests after this.........

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    That's easy enough. is waiting for you! Enjoy.
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    Thanks my friend!

    BTW, which program do you use to manipulate the midi files?
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    I've got a Midi editor called Sonar from, but it's pricey for this kind of edit (just a cut/paste).

    The forums list some free MIDI editors that would do the job just as well, and you can probably find one by searching Google for freeware MIDI editor.

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