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    adamtraidman - Hmm... this should work I think but I'll have to check with the Mobile Gods and get back to you... they are currently on vacation till after the New Year. :-)
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    Thanks, MG. Happy new year!
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    adamtraidman - on the issue with connection sharing. The error you received is correct in that the person sharing your connection will not be able to sync his device with his email. He can however use Blazer on the device to view his email. The reason behind this is that the client on the device uses a unique key between device and desktop client to securely take the email to and from each location. These are generated during registration. The user you setup should also be able to get at their email from a Browser on any PC as well. Hopefully that explains it.

    Also did your email attachement issues get resolved?
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    Haven't had the time to try and fix the attachment issue yet. Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to help answer the connection sharing issue. I appreciate it. I'm surprised though, I thought the whole point of connection sharing was that multiple users could sync via one connection. That's too bad. Since we have a half dozen users, and don't have a half dozen Windows machines to install the desktop connector on, I may be forced to try an independent 3rd party IMAP client in this case. Wish I didn't have to though. Any ideas for how we can sync multiple users without having to have separate machines for each of their desktop connectors?

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    adamtraidman - It seems the connection sharing doesn't fit the model you had in mind. The idea of it is that it is meant as more as a temporary connection for people that may travel out of town and do not have a desktop but want to have some kind of access (ala Browser or Blazer).

    There is an alternative if your IMAP port for the email server is open for outside Internet access then you don't have to have the desktop software installed. You can configure the Web based connector which to access it directly. This is an alternative that IMAP people use when needed and is not widely known as most people end up using the desktop connector (thus implying a PC installation) This implies your other users have accounts in Business Connection.

    Hope this helps.
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    Can the Sprint BC be used without an always connected PC? If so, how?
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    experiment626 - Refer to the 5th post in this long thread. I forgot I had put the steps here already. A lot of it will depend on if your email server can be accessed from the outside Internet world or not then it is feasible. The reason the desktop installation is widely needed is to securely relay that email from the inside to the outside.
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    MG - Good idea, the only issue there is we lose push, right? That would actually be ok with me though if you could set the client to poll more often than every 15 minutes.. Any idea if any of these issues will be improved upon in a future release?

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    adamtraidman - If you use IMAP I believe Push is still available at the client level. Hopefully memory serves me correct on this one. You can configure it in conjunction with your desktop connector as it wil be independent and then you can switch between the two on the 600 and observe the sync settings.

    As for your polling imporvement suggestion I stay away from product speculation and such... but I could say that it is important to keep the performance at a certain level for all the users and there is a whole bunch on BC. :-)
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    Do Sprint users that have a heavy flow of emails "pushed" to the Treo end up with a lot of incoming phone calls going to voicemail? I would think this would be a problem if you have emails being constantly pushed on a CDMA network.
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