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    I have tried BC Personal Edition, and according to Sprint, you cannot do it without a IMAP server.

    Now, in my office we have a small (10)user) Novell system and no e-mail server. Those of us that need e-mail do so from our individual PC's. I do use Outlook. So it appears that there is no way for me to use it.

    If anyone has any suggestions or my info is incorrect, I would appreciate a reply. I travel frequently and being able to sync while I am on the road would be a big plus for me.

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    Originally posted by ishiffrin
    I have tried BC Personal Edition, and according to Sprint, you cannot do it without a IMAP server.

    Now, in my office we have a small (10)user) Novell system and no e-mail server. Those of us that need e-mail do so from our individual PC's. I do use Outlook. So it appears that there is no way for me to use it.

    If anyone has any suggestions or my info is incorrect, I would appreciate a reply. I travel frequently and being able to sync while I am on the road would be a big plus for me.

    If you use Outlook, you can use BC-PE. You will need to leave Outlook open and set Outlook to check your email automatically every 15 minutes or so and your computer needs to be connected to the internet 24/7 but as long as those requirements are met, I think BC-PE should work for you just fine.
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    Thanks for the help--BUT- I did try to set up BC Personal Edition, and it rewuires you to set up a IMAP server. It will not let me complete the installation without it. What am I missing?

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    ishiffrin - You said you do not have an email server so I am confused - what are you intending to connect to and what protocol? There are ways to configure BC PE without needing the desktop configured by going through the Web interface and making an IMAP configuration there, logout and hten re-register your device. It will then use the Web connector only.
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    I've been having some issues with BC over the last few days... 100% of my incoming emails come through after a sync, but only around half actually cause the phone to vibrate/beep (which I turned on in the Alerts for new mail). Has anyone else seen this?

    The other big frustration is that when the desktop connector gets somehow disconnected, it doesn't seem to automatically try and re-connect itself. I actually have to click on the "Re-Connect" button. I can't believe Sprint wouldn't have put in an option to have it attempt to auto-reconnect on disconnect. Anyone else found a solution to this?

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    Thanks for the replies. I as told that I could use BC to not only check e-mail through outlook, but also to check my calendar, tasks etc.

    When I try to load and setup BC Pers. Edition, I can get to the spot where it requires a IMAP or (I think) Domino. We just have a small Novell Network within the office with a server for storing data etc. We have no internal common e-mail system. Everyone goes on-line over broadband and retrieves their owm e-mail directly to their own desktop computer.

    I hope this clarifies what I am trying to do.

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    adamtraidman - It is a known problem that the beeps / chirps and push's have not been consistent when the BC app is not in the Foreground. Word has it this is being addressed in the next release.

    As for the re-connect issue...there is an algorithim for it to keep trying when there is a disconnect and it programatically backs off more and more if it cannot connect. Finding the root cause of the problem is key and it is likely your desktop connector is crashing or the connection is being whacked for some reason.

    Do you go through a proxy server by chance?

    Take a look at your slingshot.log and connector.log files in your "Sprint/PCS Business Connection" Directory

    In the slingshot.log file look for lines like the following... I just do a global search for Exiting.

    Wed Oct 22 17:15:52 PDT 2003 (2888-2436): *** Exiting error : 0x00c0000005

    The line after this sometimes gives more information. Also the logs will usually contain some information about connectivity frequency and retry intervals. This one is tough to narrow down unless you know the times when it happened and can correlate with the timestamps.
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    ishiffrin - If you are using Outlook then you must be connecting to an email server somewhere to get email, just like your colleagues. You need to determine from them or some IT folks what kind of Server you are trying to connect to.. you have 3 choices with the Desktop Connector

    1. MS Exchange Server
    2. Standard IMAP Server
    3. Lotus Domino

    My guess is you are using Exchange possible if you are using Outlook. You'll need to figure this out so you can configure connector appropriately.
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    Mobile Ghost--
    Thanks for sticking with me- I think I may have screwed up-- when I use Outlook, I log into Yahoo to get my e-mail. Since Yahoo is pop3, that is probably why I am unable to get it working.

    Does this make any sense?

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    ishiffrin - Ahh... now we are getting somewhere. Just to confirm you are using Outlook to read your POP email from Outlook as your sole source of email access?. That is a fairly uncommon setup from my experience but you can get the mobile device to confgure and you will not use your desktop component. Here's the steps:

    1. Do you have the BC lclient already on your device?

    2. There is no POP choice on the Desktop but you can configure access to the POP connector in the Web interface by logging in and clicking on the Settings link (upper right).

    3. Now click on the Add button in the service and then select "Other Pop Account" or one of the other choices if you have a common ISP you are using. Configure the POP settings.

    4. Click on the Inbox in the Web interface.. if you can successfully retrieve email here then you'll be able to get it on the device. If you can't pull email from here then you won't be able to retrieve it on the device.

    5. Now logout of the Web interface.

    6. If you already have the BC client on the device then go to the Settings menu - then select Seven Info... Click on Re-Register and fill in the credentials.
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    Mobile Ghost

    Thanks again- now I have a better idea what is going on. I think I still have BC on my Treo, if not, it is on the CD.

    When you wrote me yesterday part of paragraph 4 is missing. The last sentence is not complete, though I do not think it is important.

    With this setup, will I be able to access the calendar, tasks and contacts from my Treo?

    Thanks again for your patience.

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    ishiffrin - I cleared up the item 4 with "on the device".

    As for Calendars / Contacts / Tasks - POP interfaces do not support that I believe so if that is the connector you are using then I would say you will NOT be able to see them.

    In your Outlook interface do you have calendar and contact access currently? If you do then I would ask your IT admins where this is getting pulled from (typically an Exchange Server). I doubt this is coming from your POP server.
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    MobileGhost - Thanks for the info. My logfile is completely filled with errors! They looks like this:

    Wed Dec 17 06:25:32 PST 2003 (3492-3956): SEVENSYNC [WARNING]: Wed Dec 17 06:25:32 PST 2003 mail conflict detected: local [4344]=Update, remote [<no_key>]=Update
    Wed Dec 17 06:25:32 PST 2003 (3492-3956): SEVENSYNC [INFO]: Wed Dec 17 06:25:32 PST 2003 Processed 1 mail commands
    Wed Dec 17 06:25:32 PST 2003 (3492-3956): *** Exiting error : 0x00c0000005
    Wed Dec 17 06:25:32 PST 2003 (3492-3956): (01): 0x0077c2fea5 mbscmp
    Wed Dec 17 06:25:32 PST 2003 (3492-3956): (02): 0x00003271f6 sevenimpl_readFromPropertiesFile

    I'm not sure how to interpret that, doesn't seem to point towards anything in particular that I can discern. What do you think? BTW, thanks for your help on this!

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    adamtraidman - You definitely have some crashes. Here's what will ~probably~ clear this problem and a few questions to boot.

    I think you mentioned you were using IMAP? If so which server are you using?

    What OS are you using ?

    Try the following:

    1. Go to your C:\Program Files\Sprint\PCS Business Connection directory and rename syncroot to syncroot.old

    2. On your device go to the Menu in Bizconn and under the settings menu select "BizConn Info".

    3. Click on the re-register button and enter in your credentials.

    This will likely clear the problem as it is likely the internal db on the desktop has become corrupted for some reason. These steps above simply tell the software to start from scratch and establish a new syncroot.
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    Thanks, MobileGhost.. I'll give this a shot.

    Any idea when an updated release of BC is supposed to be available?

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    adamtraidman - No comment on when BC gets updated. Big Corporations tend to move a bit slower than all of us rabid technology geeks would like. :-) I t seems the rumor mill has started in some other threads and from that one it seems maybe Q1 seems realistic.

    Let us know if your issue goes away... I'd still like to know what OS and email server you are using though as I know there were some other users having problems under certain IMAP servers.
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    If you are using Outlook without Exchange, the calendar, notes and "to-do's" will be stored in PST personal folders on the workstation.

    Sounds like BC can't handle a local calendar in that case.

    But, since your calendar doesn't update dynamically (i.e. people can't invite you to meetings without Exchange) then you should get by with syncing to the PC.

    If you need dynamic updates, there is wireless sync and a Sync utility to match Outlook calendar with Yahoo.

    Hope that helps...
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    MobileGhost - Things seem better this weekend, more consistent push. I haven't noticed any emails yet without notification. I hope this lasts! To answer your questions, we're using SuSe OpenExchange as the IMAP server. That plus my desktop connector are sitting behind a firewall at the office. We've opened whichever port is 'IMAP w/ SSL'.

    I'm setting up several other users this week with Treo 600's. Really looking forward to the BC software update, some of these issues will frustrate users.

    Oh, since you're the man on Sprint BC, I've got another question... Is there no way to "click-through" to a hyperlink in an email? I've had to resort to copy and pasting URL's in emails into the web browser.

    Oh, one more... What software do I need to view DOC and XLS files? Each time I try to download one, it says "Translation Failed".

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    adamtraidman - Tks for the IMAP Server Info.

    You are correct that the current BC software does not support hyperlink click through's.

    As for your document attachment issues.. "Translation Failed" is a different one. First you can check to see if BC has found the Attachment software... Here's how you do this:

    1. Stop the Desktop Client
    2. Go to C:\Program Files\Sprint\PCS Business Connection and rename slingshot.log to slingshot.old.
    3. Start the Desktop Client
    4. Click on an attachment in your email on the device.
    5. Now open slingshot.log on the PC. Third line down I would look for:

    Mon Dec 22 19:24:53 PST 2003 (1912-1916): Found fileview add-on: C:\Program Files\Sprint\PCS Business Connection/fileview

    If you don't see this then maybe the fileview software is not installed or couldn't be found correctly. Look further in the slingshot.log file and see if you see any other errors after this.

    What you could try is to simply re-install the Fileview software by going to the settings page from the Web interface and click on the link for it in the bottom right and re-install it. Let's start with these steps and see where you go from there.
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    Hey MobileGhost.. thanks for the reply. I've got a new issue, was wondering if you had any suggestions...

    I'm trying to "share my connection" with a co-worker using Sprint BC. The idea is to use my machine which is always connected to the network as the relay point for both of us. Can this be done? I've added him to my list of "shared connections" in the Sprint BC control panel, and he's enabled. I can still check and send mail fine, but when I try to sync on his Treo600 in Sprint BC, I get the following error:

    You cannot sync using a shared desktop client connection. Please restart the desktop client running on your PC.

    I'm a bit confused by that. The goal is to allow us to both use my machine as the relay point for Sprint BC. Is this not possible? What am I missing here? Thanks!

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