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    How long should it take to bring a 40mb file into kinoma producer, and then how long to convert and put on the removable drive (SD Card) with reader??

    And what is the best way to do it and the best settings for the Treo 600??

    And pretty much any other useful info on Kinoma player stuff would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Colin
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    I use kinoma and converted files. I think it may take 3-5 minutes to convert, and if you have a sd reader you may want to select the card from the menu.
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    You can have slide shows and store your pics there.
    Try to get the best resolution possible before you convert your video.
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    on another thread regarding mmplayer, someone mentioned that they could not listen to mmplayer thru the headphones with the external speaker turned off. is this possible with kinoma player?

    thanks, mike

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