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    AOL has screwed us again. AOL 3.0 for Palm OS worked fine until around 10 days ago. Rep from AOL says that Version 3.0 of the AOL Client does not work on OS 3.5.2 and NEVER DID.
    So after spending an OUTRAGEOUS $20 to buy their feeble interface to there lame service, 3 months later I am forced to "upgrade" to 3.1.

    Error is "Failed to establish services."

    Anyone have a solution?

    If noone has a solution, then explain why I should buy another copy of their software.
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    The rep that told you that is full of s**t!
    It has worked great for me and many others since it was released like a year ago except for about a month ago they had some issues that took it down for about a week.

    There is a thread on it here somewhere. Try a search for "AOL"
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