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    OK, I received my AT&T Treo600 from Handspring today. As others have mentioned, it comes with a new SIM and asks you to call a number to activate it.

    After waiting on hold for hours, I decided to try my old SIM. (I'm already an AT&T GSM/GPRS customer.) With the old SIM, the Treo works fine for phone calls, but GPRS does not work. I don't even get the GPRS icon on the signal strength indicator. It works fine with the old SIM in the old phone.

    Any ideas? Is there something that I need to configure?
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    I am curious if you resolved this yet? My treo was shipped today so I should get it early next week. I'm with aT&T also and I got a mail from Handspring saying there would be a new sim card with the phone and I would have to call AT&T to activate my old number. This makes no sense to me as I would think that I could just plug my old sim in and everything should work fine - thats the whole point of a smartcard, right?

    Anyone know what the story is? I really dont want to call AT&T and have them bungle an activation for me.


    PS been lurking here for a few days - great info - thanks!
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    I don't know how old your SIM card is but it specifically tells you in the manual that if you have an older 5 volt SIM card, you should request (or in your case) will get a new 3 volt SIM card. This treo is not compatible with the older 5 volt SIM cards.
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