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  • with the keygaurd button.

    53 82.81%
  • with the top button.

    11 17.19%
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    I just use keygaurd/screen on/off button.

    I only use the top button when i want to turn wireless on/off.
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    Guess I'm the only one (so far, anyway -- only 5 voters) using the top button.

    Reason: using the far right button interferes with quick password entry (teallock).
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    One reason I use the keyguard button is that if I hold it down, it will (shock!) enable the keyguard! Since I normally don't use Keyguard, this is the best way to do it when I need to!
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    If I'm going on a 2 week trekking holiday in the Himalayas I might want to completely turn off the Treo to preserve battery and use only in town centres or when I need some information. My understanding is that even with wireless off/screen off there is still battery usage (flashing orange LED etc..). Is there a global power off??

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    Unless you want all your data on your internal memory wiped, then no :P
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    As a lefty, I can tell you that turning off the Treo via the top button is just plain hard to do. Actually, I just tried it with my right hand and found it almost as difficult. I don't know what they were thinking when they placed that button, but it's pretty much useless to me except to turn wireless mode on or off, which I do very infreqently.

    I hate giving up one of my app buttons for screen shut down, but it's really the only comfortable alternative.

    Pressing option+app buttons to invoke the secondary apps is quite difficult with the left hand, as well.

    I wish option+keyguard were customizable, since I use auto keyguard and have no use for that function. Pressing and holding keyguard produces the same result, anyway.
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    Top for me...since HS had the nerve to put a Power logo on the button!!

    Yep...confused am I over that one!
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    i saw a reply of someone complaining that they arent left handed and the key guard is on the right side of the phone. So if its in your right hand you have to shove your thumb to the right side of the phone to turn it off. I just setup the phone hard button in q launch to turn it off. More than half the time I will pick up the phone to make a call, check the time, or use one of the 4 options on the phone screen and then one quick push of the same button turns it back off....then holding down a bit longer sets the backlight and a bit longer sets lock on and my option phone button is sandman....but I am still testing that, cuz sandman turns off and the phone call still works but then the screen comes back on....its really pissing me off and thats a different post.
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    Does anybody else here just let it auto-off?

    I rarely turn it off manually. It's a combination of laziness, and the fact that it's usually connected to the charging cable at my desk, so why bother.

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