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    Is it possible to sync a Treo270 and a Treo600 on the same computer (different profiles).
    Which Palm Desktop software should i use ?
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    Sorry, don't have an answer to your question 'cause I have a related problem. Is there any suggested way to transfer data and apps from an older Treo model (mine is Treo300/Sprint) to the Treo600 (Cingular)? How's the app compatibility?

    I just got my 600 today. My laptop has palm desktop 4.01 that I installed from Sprint CD. Most of my data is in outlook. Is it better to uninstall this older palm desktop (and other stuff that got installed with Treo300) before installing the Palm desktop 4.1 that comes with treo600 (Cingular)?
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    There is no problems at all.

    If you installed the software that came with your Treo 600, you can hotaync any of the Handspring Treos or Visors.

    I have a Treo 600, Treo 180, Treo 90 and Visor Deluxe, and they all hotsync to the Palm Desktop software.
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    Thats good to know.

    Last night I installed the Treo600 software and it told me there is an older version of Palm Desktop that needs to be removed before I install this new one. It also asked me to resync my older Treo before deleting the older Palm Desktop. After I did that and installed the new one (I gave the same user name as with the last Treo), it said some apps that I have on older Treo may not work on this new one. It put them in a backup folder.

    So now I have all my data and most of the apps on the new treo. (600). So from what you are saying, going forward, if I make a change to my outlook data, I can push it out to both the Treos using this new Palm Desktop? Can you still do that if the two Treos have different user names/profiles or do you have to keep the same profile name for both Treos? Hows is your setup? A different profile name (like "lastname-treo270", "lastname-treo90", "lastname-treo600") for each treo or same for all "lastname"?

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