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    I just ditched my PalmVx for the Treo 600. One of my favorite utilities on my Palm was Palm Lock. When you turned on your Palm you had to hit a series of hard buttons (that you defined) to keep your Palm from locking up and asking for a password. Now I can't find it and I just did a hard reset on my Vx so my wife can use it. I've searched everywhere (google/palmgear/handandgo) and I can't find it. Any thoughts?
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    If you kept a backup of your user directory, you can get the program from there. I've been through several iterations of Palm PDA's, and that's what I always do, just in case. It's been a lifesaver several times.
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    By using Google, I found out that PalmLock is now EasyLock. It's officially not supported on smartphones because incoming calls or messages would lock the device. It also doesn't support Palm OS5. You can find details here: EasyLock
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    It's not exactly the same, but I think you might like AutoLock from Catamount Software.

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