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    Is it possible (if so, how?) to unlock the PDA after having answered a phone call, while still on the phone?

    If my PDA is locked (using the standard Security application - with a 5 minute idle timeout) and I answer a phone call, I can't get to the regular "System Lockout" screen to type in my password and therefore can't get to any of the data in my PDA. None of the buttons I've tried work. I've tried the power button, the application buttons, the menu and home buttons, but nothing gets me away from the 'call in progress' screen that has the normal 'hang up all', 'hold', 'speakerphone' buttons.

    Any ideas? It seems like a "useful" thing to be able to do and I just can't seem to figure it out.
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    I wish I knew the answer! This is a very serious problem. I received a call the other day and I needed some info from the Treo while talking and I just could not get to it. I didn't realize why I couldn't switch to any other app until I hung up and saw that the Treo was locked.
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    I do that all the time. WHne I need to put something on the calender, memo pad or a quick text document to send off via data.
    I just use the ear bud and go to my apps.

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    IGoDwnTwn34, either you or I am missing something. Can you switch away from the phone screen WHEN BEFORE THE CALL YOUR PDA IS LOCKED? Go to the Security app and push the lock and off button - and confirm. Now without unlocking it ask someone to call you. AFTER you are on the call, can you unlock your PDA. If so, what exactly did you do?

    With the PDA unlocked before receiving a call, sure, you can switch between apps and back to the phone. But with it locked, several of us, apparenly - based on the number of people that have looked at this topic without a quick answer, cannot.
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    OK, to put this issue to rest:

    I called Handspring/PalmOne tech support (which you can get to by selecting "6) other/I don't know" when they ask you for your carrier) and I am told:

    "This is the way the unit is designed."

    So, you, in my eyes have two options:
    1) you can lock your PDA, somewhat protecting
    your data
    2) you can use your PDA while on the phone
    apparently, you cannot have both.

    Time to look into a 3rd-pary option other than Security...

    (I used to use one on my old Palm III, but it was a Hack
    that hasn't been ported (and no plans to, the last time
    I visited his web site) to PalmOS 5+.

    NOTE: this is _NOT_ Treo-specific, other "smartphones"
    will suffer from the same problem.

    I am going to log a bug, though I suspect it isn't an easy
    fix as I doubt that I'm the first to report this.
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    Originally posted by inspectorgadget
    NOTE: this is _NOT_ Treo-specific, other "smartphones"
    will suffer from the same problem.
    Not ALL other smartphones suffer from this; the last one I had allowed you to enter the password and there you were, in whatever application you were last in. Select whatever app you need and keep on talking.
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    any updates to this, i have the issue all the time, sometimes if i clear the lock screen, i dont know how to get back to it to unlock the phone, i have to place a phone call to get the phone to bring up unlock screen , then i can place in my code, then i have to hangup the outgoing call i just made

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