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    SanDisk SD Wi-Fi Update -- Pocket PC users go Wi-Fi;
    Palm does not

    This much is true: SanDisk has managed to create the world's smallest Wi-Fi card by deploying the wireless technology in an SDIO card. The card allows PDAs to connect to 802.11b hotspots for 11Mbps access to the Internet.

    First announced early this year, the card has finally debuted. Unfortunately, it comes with a wrinkle: it's only available with drivers for Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003 devices for the time being. SanDisk, which originally planned to release simultaneous Pocket PC and Palm OS drivers, has delayed the availability of Palm drivers as it works through technical issues with getting the Wi-Fi card to run properly on the Palm OS.

    This is at least the fourth time that SanDisk has delayed the release of Palm OS drivers. In recent weeks, the company has changed its position on Palm OS support: originally, the card was expected to run on both OS 4 and OS 5 devices. Now, SanDisk is only promising OS 5 support, citing the difficulty of getting the card to run properly on the older devices. Most recently, the company has even taken the additional step of withdrawing information about Palm support from its Web site entirely.

    This move by SanDisk is indicative of the evolutionary state of the Palm operating system. While OS 5 was intended to be a modern, multimedia-savvy environment not unlike the Pocket PC, the fact remains that much of what PalmSource hoped to include in the OS probably didn't make it in--that's coming in OS 6 next year.

    As a result, sophisticated applications like the SanDisk Wi-Fi card have trouble, giving the advantage to Pocket PC. It remains to be seen if this problem will continue to haunt Palm in 2004; if it does, we expect Pocket PC devices to close much of the gap that currently exists between the platforms, especially among high end devices targeted at power users.

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    Link to an article on BarginPda from SanDisk which says even when released Wifi cards may not work in treo600!
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    Originally posted by treo1
    Link to an article on BarginPda from SanDisk which says even when released Wifi cards may not work in treo600!
    You couldn't have linked us straight there?

    For those looking for the story, skip directly to
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    Unfortunately it doesn't matter. Apparently the Treo600 won't be compatible with the wifi SD card anyway!
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