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    I have a new Treo 600 with T-Mobile unlimited Internet Access. Now, we use Outlook web access and I can check my e-mail from an internet connection on any computer thru any browser: URL:

    This prompts me for User name, Password, Domain and takes me to my e-mail over the web.

    This same process used to work with Treo 300 over the Sprint network, but somehow, when I do the same on Treo 600 on T-Mobile, I get the following error:
    Unknown Authentication Type URL:

    Do I need another browser or any different setting? Can anybody help me with this problem? Thanks in advance!!
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    I have a co-worker with the same problem on his Treo 600, and we have had no luck figuring out what is wrong.

    Web email to the same server works fine on my Treo 300. I did install Xiino browser on the 300. Do you think there's any possibility that this altered my 300 such that authentication is now handled properly?

    If you ever find a solution, I'd like to hear what it is.

    Daniel Williams
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    Your administrator needs to disable "Integrated Windows Authentication" within IIS for it to work.

    I don't know why the new browser isn't compatable with this type of authentication while the old browser was.
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    Hey thanks a ton Savvy... I will let my admin know and request him to try this tomorrow... is this an easy task to do, or would you like to give me a brief description of the process... sorry for sounding naive... I am not too technical (and am not sure about our admin as well).

    Thanks again!
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    hey nikenew, where did you get the Treo 600 for T-Mobile? I don't see it on their website, and HandSpring says the 600 isn't available for T-Mobile yet!

    Thanks =)
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    bought it from Cingular... inserted a t-mobile SIM...
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    So then I assume it comes unlocked by default?
    Or did you have to tell them you wanted it unlocked, if so, did they give you any hassle about unlocking it?

    Thanks for the response, sorry about all the questions, just don't want to go blow $500 or so on a device that wont work with t-mobile =)
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    Yes... it was unlocked, and I did not make any specific request.
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    Yes... it was unlocked, and I did not make any specific request.
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    Yes... it was unlocked, and I did not make any specific request. I only bought the phone from them during their upgrade and no plans.
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    You're able to pull up OWA via the Blazer browser? What version of Exchange is your company running?

    I'm able to login fine but the folder listing and other screen items don't appear.

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