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    I have a new Treo 600 with T-Mobile unlimited Internet Access. Now, we use Outlook web access and I can check my e-mail from an internet connection on any computer thru any browser: URL:

    This prompts me for User name, Password, Domain and takes me to my e-mail over the web.

    This same process used to work with Treo 300 over the Sprint network, but somehow, when I do the same on Treo 600 on T-Mobile, I get the following error:
    Unknown Authentication Type URL:

    Do I need another browser or any different setting? Can anybody help me with this problem? Thanks in advance!!
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    I have connected to outlook web access on my 600. Except for it being extremely cramped and difficult to navigate, it worked. Do you perhaps have the infamous cookie problem? Try another site requiring cookies to see if they stick. There is also a soloution for the cramped web mail interface that is relatively cheap but must be installed on the web server. Let me know if you want that link and I will dig it up for you.
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    Hey thanks... what did you mean by the cookie problem... how do I decipher it and how do I get rid of it... should I disable cookies and clear history and then try again?

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