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    Randy.. As you've probably guessed there is no ringtone manager to satisfy your needs right now. Probably not necessary to keep bumping this subject. When one comes out, someone will post it.

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    Originally posted by NateS
    But, from a practical point of view with respect to the other function of being able to assign those ringtones to individual contacts, I can't imagine being able to remember which of the 50 contacts in my Favorites has which ringtone, let alone trying to assign and remember them also for my other contacts. I find it hard to imagine that anyone could remember more than 50.
    Here's the deal: You actually get much less than 50. Consider this example: My sister has a home phone number, a work phone number, a weekend phone number and a cell phone number. All of these are under the same contact record in the contact list. If I assign these to a single Favorite, even though I can pick any of the numbers by hitting the spacebar with the Favorite highlighted, I can't have separate speed-dial buttons for each number unless I create separate Favorites for each one. Also, suppose I want to have a picture of my sister display and a particular melody play whenever she calls me from any of her 4 different numbers. I have to assign a separate Favorite for each number because the photo and ringer that you put in a Favorite only works with the specific number that you assign to that button, not to every number that belongs to the contact. I have a number of people that have multiple numbers, and the requirement that one must use multiple Favorites to get the same ringtone to work with all the numbers really eats up the 50 available slots. Here's another problem: I have the direct-dial numbers for most of my co-workers in my contacts list, about 25 people. Whenever one of them calls me I want the same ringtone to play. So what I want here is not 25 separate ringtones, but one ringtone for 25 people. Again, without a ringtone manager, which might allow one to assign a ringtone either to an individual contact or to a category, I have to waste 25 Favorites in order to get the same single ringtone to work with these multiple contacts. Because of the foregoing restrictions, all 50 of my Favorite slots have been used up even though I am using only 8 or 9 different and easily remembered ringtones.

    Moreover, the whole concept of using Favorites to control the photos and ringtones that are linked to contacts is inherently flawed. On a Sony Clie, one can attach a photo to every contact in the address book, which is very nice, especially if you can't remember the name without looking at a photo. There is no reason that you shouldn't be able to do the same on a Treo. This has nothing to do with whether you or anyone else is skilled at remembering ringtones, because humans are hardwired to remember faces. Moreover, there are plenty of people out there who would be able to remember the linkages between hunderds of melodies and particular names. Why should they be shortchanged?

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