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    I use ACT! 2000 on my notebook and use the palm version of the same on my Treo 600.

    I have recently got this toy and am still in the learning stages... now my syncing is working well between the two, however, I am not getting the mobile phone numbers of my ACT! contacts onto my Treo.

    Rest of the fields seem to be available... can anyone help??
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    i had this same problem. for me it was that i had renamed my mobile phone field in ACT! to "cell" and when it tried to sync with my ACT! for Palm it couldn't make the connection. i ended up having to create a new field in ACT! using the default "mobile phone" field and then transfer all the cell numbers over. since then everything sync's up fine.
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    Smash... could you help me with how you did that? Act! already has a mobile phone field in contact information... so what do I do next?
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    i'll give it a shot.

    go to contact list->view->add columns. select the column called mobile phone. if it's not there (because you already have a column called mobile phone), you may have to delete and re-add. i had to create a new column, move my mobile numbers into it, create the mobile phone column and then move all the numbers back. if you have a lot of contacts, this will really be a hassel but i don't know another way to do it.

    next, go to contacts in act! and then tools -> design layouts. this will show you the name for each field. here you will need to create a new field and define it as "mobile phone". if there's already a field defined as "mobile phone" you may have to delete it and create a new one. once you've added the field, save the design and add a contact's mobile number and make sure it shows up in the contact list in the mobile phone column. do a sync and the number should show up in act! for palm in the mobile field.

    hope this helps.

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