I just got the 600 (for Cingular) and am using the Web a lot more now that it doesn't take forever to get online (vs the 180). I have the basic web access plan from Cingular which is $6.99/mo for 1024kb and then 3 cents per kb or something like that. My bill has always been $6.99 due to low usage - now I'm afraid to see it.

So...I use Yahoo email and I realize I can access it via the Web, but I thought maybe I could avoid additional web charges if I accessed it via an email program rather than via the web. Question #1 - Does anyone know if this is true, or does it factor into the $6.99 wireless web charge, anyway?

Question #2 - Does anyone know of an email application that will let you put in a "rule" that will tell it to only download unread mail from the Inbox? I've tried Snappermail, Aileron, and one-touch, and they all just download all unread mail, which includes the "bulk mail" folder in yahoo. I get hundreds of emails in my bulk mail folder everyday, so using one of these programs to check my email is pointless. I hope I'm missing something and there's a way around this.