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    I've spent some time over the last few days checking out both of these launchers. I had some crashing problems with Launcher X using Snapper attachments but millerhifi hasn't had issues with this. Putting this aside for a moment I would like to maybe ask you all if you would help me compare (however my view is limited on Launcher X due to crashes making me uninstall it after a brief time): So far here are my conclusions:

    1) Launcher X has few to no skins for the Treo 600 as of now, but Z Launcher has a good handful on

    2) Both seem to have 5 way navigational support (Although going through the menus with Z Launcher is tough using 5 way....I don't know if this is a problem with Launcher X or not)

    3) I know with zlauncher you can change the standard palm icons..(I don't know if you can do this with Launcher X or not) I would prefer to have control over what icon shows up by ANY application although I don't this is available with either program to my knowledge.

    4) Z Launcher allows you to set a background image...Launcher X does not.

    5) Z Launcher is cheaper($12 vs limited time $19 for Launcher X)

    6) Launcher X allows you to see your reception signal at the top while Z Launcher does not

    Does anyone have anything to add to this? Seems to me as long as you don't mind switching to the phone view to look at reception strength....Z Launcher is the obvious choice? Are there any other advantages for Launcher X over Z Launcher?

    Thanks everyone!
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    LOVE IT..

    The 5-way is flaweless once you configure things well...

    my setup is very fast..

    the ONLY critisism i have of it is the lack of reception bar on it.

    other than that... its perfect


    if you have questions... just ask me
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    Which one of these allows you to run programs off the SD/MM card?
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    I'm thrilled with the way Z-Launcher is working. I like putting all my programs on the SD card and having ZL assign shortcuts. That alone makes the program worthwhile.

    I have one question. At some point I was able to scroll through the icons with the 5-way and then enter to activate when I got to the program I wanted to launch. It's not doing that now, and I can't get it to do it no matter what settings I change. Anyone have a clue? Cause other than that, this program is flawless!
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    I contacted ZLauncher support to ask that they support the signal strength icon. They responded saying they would consider it. The more people who request it, the more likely it will happen. Let them know you want them to fully support the Treo 600.
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    The reason I choose not to use another launcher is because of the lack of signal strength indicator. I know Launcher X has one, but I am not that fond of their design either. Actually their lack of skins is why I choose not to go with them.......(free skins that is.)

    I really liked SilverScreen on my 300 as far as style goes. Thelack of signal indicator was also the reason that I didn't stay with that.

    SO- signal strength is a BIG "need everything geeks" like myself. I know I could just as easily look at the flashing LED, but it's on there "stock" so I want it on there with the launcher that I end up choosing.

    Maybe I'll just stay is ugly, but I guess I'll get used to it.
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    After installing ZLauncher, my DirAssist keeps resetting my unit when I try to run it...anyone else experience this???

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