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    Can someone post the .prc of Chatter for Treo 300 please. Preferrably the latest copy (i was a beta tester but lost the .prc). Much obliged. I think Marc is very busy as I hven't received one fron him... Thanx.
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    I've also been looking for the Chatter client for a Treo 270. Is it the same as the one for Treo 300?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $Chatter$ $is$ $now$ $a$ $Treo$ $600$ $or$ $greater$ $product$. $The$ $server$ $side$ $has$ $been$ $changed$ $and$ $attempts$ $to$ $connect$ $with$ $the$ $older$ $versions$ $that$ $supported$ $the$ $300$ $now$ $return$ $a$ &$quot$;$stream$ $error$&$quot$;. $I$ $don$'$t$ $think$ $Marc$ $has$ $any$ $near$ $term$ $plans$ $on$ $supporting$ $the$ $older$ $devices$ $anymore$.
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    Hi, Bryan.

    Actually, there is a T270/T300 version that jaytee hacked to run on the new server....

    I will probably release this version very soon with not-a-prayer-of-support, since I really can't modify it easily at this point (nor do I want to!)

    Details soon.

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    Excellent news.
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    If you go to the Chatter Website (www.imchatter) and look at the "Previous Versions" link on the front page, I believe the old version of Chatter is posted there.

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    I know Marc is not officially supporting the non Treo600 version of chatter so maybe someone else can help; everything works great with chatter. Except for when I'm outside of the app the notify tone is wrong. No matter what I set the notify tone to it alerts me with whatever tone I have for "unavailable" calls. I want to keep that tone different than my chatter tone of course. Any ideas? Thanx!

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