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    I just noticed that when I shake my t6 it sounds like pieces are moving around inside. Is this normal? Does anyone else have the same issue? I haven't dropped it or mishandled it.

    My cell phones or PDA's never had anything loose inside.
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    Try holding down your power button and shaking the unit at the same time. An ever so slightly loose power button can cause this rattling noise. Nothing to worry about if this is the case. If it still rattles whilst your running this test then it's time to worry!!
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    Yep! that did it

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    Actually I just made a call and notice that a larger piece seems to jiggle inside. I was holding the power button and it still was moving.

    Can someone try hold the power button they shaking your T6 left and right and see if you hear a piece inside moving?
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    Bought mine from Singapore and i have something loose inside too, it realy bug me handspring wont garantee it because it is from asia???

    I left it to a friend of mine tonight that works in a computer store so he will open the phone and get this thing out.

    Will keek you post on it after the operation!!

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    This has been discussed before at length. See the following thread:

    There are 2 sources of this rattling. The Wireless Power button on just about every T600 rattles a little. And some have gotten a piece loose inside. I had a loose piece inside (in addition to the Wireless Power button rattle). Sometimes the piece gets stuck inside so you don't hear it, then it frees itself up and makes that sound again.

    I called Handspring. They sent me a new one, I sent mine back in the box that the new one came in. Problem solved.
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    on the side of the volume switches, the panel around these two buttons really creaks when i hold it in hand.

    im guessing this is how all of the treo 600s are. or are they?

    its rock solid all around everywhere else.. aside from the button rattle up top,, but i really dont mind that at all

    my only gripe is this side panel which makes it sound a little cheap... . reminiscent of the treo 300`s squeakiness.

    does anyone else`s treo 600 have this side panel squeak?

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    Yeah I have the same squeaky volume button problem. I have a Treo 600 CDMA from Sprint, BRAND new.
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    PS - I still think it rocks and have no intention of returning it or thinking about this for more than another 5 seconds!
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    Sprint T600 prchased in November 2003 - no creaks or squeaks or rattles (knock on wood)

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