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    I am very disappointed in the quality of the the Seidio 2 in 1 Headset. The concept is workable and the earbuds sound fine. Problem is the wiring shorts that have developed near the plug into the Treo render them almost useless.
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    Here's an update to my Seidio 2-in-1 headset woes...

    Both pairs became unusable. I contacted Seidio regarding my wear and they immediately responded with an offer to replace both. Seidio added that 'the problem has been identified and corrected.'.
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    I have had my issue with the 2 in 1 headsets, as a matter of fact have gone thru two replacements. But...... so far the last set is working great! I can't say enough about Seidio - they have truly been great for their support! Thanks Seidio.
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    Better luck than me. After my request for an exchange, they responded right away that they would issue an RMA. However it has been two weeks now and not another word - ever after two e-mail punch-ups. Not very pleased with either their quality or their service. Hopefully they read this thread.
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    Thanks I was ready to buy that POS!@
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    I bought the 2-in-1 headset a few months ago. It's a nice handy solution to have, but I have a couple of problems with it.

    The volume dial introduced a lot of static when you change it, and there seems to be a dead spot on it as well.. roll it to a certain point and the left channel goes out.

    And the mic is quite crappy. I am constantly having to hold it up to my mouth and repeat myself loudly so those on the other end can hear me.

    Anyone with simular? I'm thinking I should return it.
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    No similar issues at all. I actually am finally quite happy with my second replacement. No shorts, static, or breaks anywhere.................
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    Just got my headset this past weekend. Audio is OK for both music and incoming calls. However, it seems like the mic is a little weak and you do have to hold it close to your mouth for the sound to be picked up. Anyway, it is better than carrying around 2 headsets....
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    Quote Originally Posted by NDPTAL85
    I just got the "new" Sedio 2-in-1 with the switch and the working mic and stereo but there is no bass on these headphones. The sound quality sucks, everything gets distorted if you turn t up too high. Are they ALL like this?

    As for the 2-in-1 adapter, does that one produce bass if you use normal headphones with it?

    I can't believe Handspring/Palm could overlook this needed product. I mean for crying out loud if your device is a phone and capable of MP3's then you need a decent friggin 2-in-1 headset to be available for those who want it, end of story.
    My (just-arrived) Seidio 2-in-1 has the same issue: weak volume and no bass. Did you ever resolve this issue or are you just living with the lame headphone performance?

    PS Other than the poor sound quality these seem to work as advertised.
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