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    I too, just got off the phone and successfully cancelled my order. Thanks to all the other folks out there who suffered so I didn't have to.

    (My first post... had my T600 for two weeks now and just found TreoCentral yesterday.)

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    If you care to do a little searching on this board you will find many complaints about Seidio products. They (literally) cannot spell the word "quality". It's time to ignore them so they will go away.
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    Unfortunatly I already placed my order and received it today. The mic does NOT work, and the sound is NOT stereo. I am royally pissed and am returning it to the company. I might also file a complaint with the BBB, and since this is false advertising, the attorney general of Texas and the FTC might seem like good places to file.

    Arggh!!!! How are these people allowed to exist????
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    After a couple of attempts to cancel my order yesterday (see previous posts), Margaret in sales left a voicemail on my home phone to call her back and confirm my order with the $10 discount. So I called her today and she honestly said that they are holding all shipments for this product until they can resolve the issues that were discussed in Treocentral. So she went ahead and cancelled my order and my CC will not be charged. In addition, she mentioned that there will be a product that will be released that should have ALL the functions. YEAH RIGHT. Anyway, thanks to this forum for the first hand evaluations.
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    Yea I think a lot of people like the new one, including me.
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    Works great for me, ordered back in March...
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    I too have recently received a Seidio headset adaptor. It certainly seems to work for me. Audio is definately in stereo, and the button does answer the phone as advertised. But it is necessary to both press the button AND flip the switch when answering a call.
    The other slight niggle is the website advertises that the phone will revert to playing MP3s once the phone call clears down, which it doesn't. At least not using PocketTunes currently. It's a pain having to drag the phone out and restart the MP3 after each call.
    Then again it's a joy not having to carry 3 devices around anymore
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    ive had mine for a month and its true, they suck. the mic doesnt work, and the mp3 isnt stereo.

    son of a $!:@(. why doesnt SOMEBODY MAKE A DECENT FREAKIN HEADSET!!!??? ive got the jabra bluetooth headset for the treo now.... am giving it a try.

    you know, palmone should make their own headsets, but make them HIGH QUALITY. this is getting ridiculous. they would make a killing if they did this. what is everyone's opinion on the best overall headset to buy?
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    hmm - mine is fine.
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    I am a little confused by this thread: I bought the stereo Seidio model off TreoCentral. Received it within 4 days (I live in Europe !) and it works fine.
    There is a button for switching between phone and music, and mic works very well - no complaints yet from anyone I have spoken to.
    Are we talking about the same Seidio ???
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    are we talking about the seido 2 in 1. i have mine since it came out and it works fine switch button and receive phone call
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    All works fine but my only gripe is after 1 week of use, the insulation has shrunk where the wires come out for the ear phones and you can see the raw wires.
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    Okay how can one post be "it sucks, it's not in stereo" and the others be "mine are stereo"???

    Either you're not pushing the plug in all the way or yours is defective...

    I plan on ordering this since it's the only solution out there so I hope the "it sucks" posts are wrong.

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    The original post is from last year. The headset has since been re-designed, and the issues have been resolved.
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    Yeah, I got the 2in1 adapter version because I mostly want to use it as part of direct audio connection to my car stereo more often than I want earbuds.

    I've had it almost 2 months and it works great.

    Definitely stereo, mic definitely works, and in my case the audio does auto resume after a phone call but the program is the player for audio books not ptunes.

    I'll have to try ptunes sometime to see if it doesn't work. The problem is almost anything I have in mp3 I also have the real cd of in the car so it's hard to sit there and listen to the treo's audio hardware for music, unless it's an mp3 stream bringing tunes I don't have cd's of right there, but tying up the radio with a data connection is kind of incompatible with the intent of the experiment
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    I second (or third) or whatever.

    Mine came and had no headphones, no directions. Just the microphone (which I understand doesn' work). <sigh>
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    I just got the "new" Sedio 2-in-1 with the switch and the working mic and stereo but there is no bass on these headphones. The sound quality sucks, everything gets distorted if you turn t up too high. Are they ALL like this?

    As for the 2-in-1 adapter, does that one produce bass if you use normal headphones with it?

    I can't believe Handspring/Palm could overlook this needed product. I mean for crying out loud if your device is a phone and capable of MP3's then you need a decent friggin 2-in-1 headset to be available for those who want it, end of story.
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    my bass is awesome, and I've had mine for about 2 months - maybe it's some setting in your player software? I get great bass.
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    I bought two for my wife and myself. Works great!

    ...but, both pairs had the same problem noted by Lifestar53. Shieldings for the wires either shrunk or pulled apart and the raw wires are showing. Functions and ergonomics are above average, but, unfortunately, the manufacturing quality is a bit poor.

    I do hope Skullcandy or another outfit comes out with a competitive product. I'm pretty sure the shielding issue will turn these sets to crap within a year. Unless I read otherwise, that this issue is either 1) limited to immaterial pct of the production units (Lifestar53 and I are outliers), or 2) limited to material share of the production units, but fixed, I don't plan to buy Seidio as replacements.
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